CG Group Leaders

Meet the students who will be leading group sessions this spring.

Andrew HembergerAndrew

Andrew is a rising junior majoring in Economics. As a member of USC’s NROTC program, he will graduate as an officer in the US Navy, where he will serve for several years. Andrew thoroughly enjoys traveling, and his favorite aspect is getting to interact with people from all different cultures. Although he most recently lived in Washington D.C, he has lived all over the United States. Andrew’s hobbies include hiking, surfing, and skiing. You never know where you will meet a fellow Trojan, Andrew shares his unexpected meeting with Trojans thousands of miles away from campus!


Autumn is a rising senior majoring in Film & TV Production, with a minor in French. She is from San Diego, California and enjoys listening to music, watching TV, and traveling outside of her usual parameters whenever she can, and drawing incessantly. She also loves learning about languages and lifestyles from all around the world, so don’t shy away from sharing during group conversations. Read up on her fascinatingly unconventional high school education.


Connie is a first-year graduate student at the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. She is originally from Honolulu, Hawaii and received her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and a minor in Communicology. With immigrant parents, Connie is a first-generation American with two older sisters, bilingual in both English and Cantonese Chinese. She had the opportunity to study abroad in Tokyo, Japan for five months while also traveling to other parts of Asia including China and Korea. Her most memorable experience from Japan was hiking Mount Fuji with her friends and she hopes to one day travel to other parts of the world including Europe, South America and South East Asia. Connie is obsessed with her golden retriever and shih tzu dogs although they both still reside in Honolulu with her family. In her free time she enjoys reading, hanging out with friends, watching movies, meditating and yoga/running. Did you know Connie traveled to Japan? Read about her time abroad and what she learned from when immersing herself in a new culture and country!


Dimitris is an English major with an emphasis in Creative Writing at USC. On the side, he indulges in film production, music composition, piano performance, and directing theatre. Dimitri has acquired a diverse teaching background, which includes two years of teaching K-12 Music and Theatre at Adelphia Classical Academy, private piano lessons, Greek school, Greek immersion camp, and acting lessons. His highest values are in great conversation, friendship, and family.


Eamon is a sophomore studying Biological Sciences with a minor in Linguistics. He is from Boulder, Colorado and enjoys running, reading, and watching TV. Eamon is obsessed with art and can be found at an art museum most weekends. Eamon has been learning Spanish since high school and is continuing it here at USC. He is also slowly learning Mandarin Chinese.



Greg is a sophomore majoring in International Relations, with an emphasis in International Politics in Security Studies. As a member of USC’s NROTC program, he will graduate as an officer in the US Navy, where he will serve for several years. Born and raised in Northern California, Greg enjoys running, hiking, and swimming on the weekends. Read up on Greg’s recommendations for some of the best Mexican food around USC.


Jose was born in the city of Panorama, CA., but lived in Mexico City for a number of years before moving to Los Angeles. Jose is currently majoring in Psychology and is considering the addition of political science as another major or a minor. He enjoys playing real time strategy video games, running, swimming, and has recently joined USC’s fencing club. Though currently undecided, Jose sees himself as either a lawyer, an elementary school teacher, a superintendent, or a school principal in the future. He is also interested in politics and would like to be involved in that arena one way or another as well. When he can, Jose helps his mom and aunt in their elementary school classrooms. He enjoys helping the students succeed in their studies.  Last semester, Jose was also an ALI Undergraduate Student Consultant and helped international teaching assistants improve their English teaching skills.


Jin is a senior majoring in French and speaks fluent English and Mandarin Chinese. She is a constant traveler and enjoys conversations, hiking, and fine-dining. She is very excited about being a conversation group leader and would love to meet all of you soon!


Lauren is a sophomore undergraduate student majoring in Cultural Anthropology and minoring in Environmental Studies. She grew up in Chicago, but moved to Huntington Beach during high school. Last year, she lived in Paris where she enjoyed traveling and learning new languages and cultures. She speaks French and some Italian. In her free time, she likes exploring LA, listening to music, reading, visiting museums, cooking new recipes, watching the Chicago Cubs and Blackhawks games, and playing piano. She is excited to meet international students! Lauren shares here family traditions and some of the history of Mardi Gras here!


Lindsey is a sophomore double majoring in Psychology and Law, History, and Culture. She is from Culver City and enjoys playing basketball, going to the beach, and going out to eat. On the weekends, she likes to go watch her sister play basketball for the UCSD women’s basketball team. Read about Lindsey’s journey to finding her place at USC and the role basketball played in her story!



Minah is currently a sophomore majoring in Global Health and working towards obtaining a MPH/J.D. dual degree. She is from the San Fernando Valley and loves to camp, hike, and read random Wikipedia facts. She speaks Korean and is learning how to speak Spanish. She loves conversations and is excited to befriend international students! Read up on Minah’s experiences with Daylight Savings Time from her time on both the East and West Coasts!

Nathalie BradfordNathalie

Nathalie is an undergraduate sophomore who is currently pre-med, majoring in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, and hopes to get a minor in Dance. She is from Los Angeles and loves exploring new countries. She also loves classical ballet and is one of the co-directors of the USC Chamber Ballet Company. During her first semester of college she studied abroad in Paris, France and visited several countries including Italy and Romania. She really enjoyed her time abroad and loved getting the opportunity to become friends with people from entirely different cultures. She has a passion for learning foreign languages and is part of USC’s Italian Club. She speaks conversational French and Italian, and is fluent in Romanian, as half her family is from Romania. She loves getting to know new people and is very excited to hear from you!



Rebecca is a Sophomore from San Jose, California and is currently studying Philosophy and Global Studies. She spends her time on campus involved in many political organizations as well as enjoys traveling abroad as a member of the Trojan British Parliamentary Team. In her free time, Rebecca enjoys reading, creative writing, and powerlifting. As a past USC Orientation Advisor, Rebecca looks forward to working with USC Students once again at ALI and utilizing her love for reading and writing to help others improve their English Skills.