One-on-One Conversation Partners

Our One-on-One Partners page provides the names and contact information of USC students who are available for one-on-one conversation partner sessions. These meetings give international USC students the opportunity to practice their oral skills one-on-one with a native English speaker.

If you are a current USC international student interested in hiring a Conversation Partner, you may fill out the request form on the List of Partners page and be connected with the One-on-One Partners of your choice. The meetings will be held on the UPC campus. Please note that the One-on-One Conversation Partner Program is meant to be used as an educational resource and that only current USC students and sometimes other persons associated with USC (i.e. faculty, staff, spouses of current students) may utilize this service.

The mandatory cost for these private sessions is $11 per hour (60 minutes) and is non-negotiable. The ALI does not receive any portion of these payments; all business is between the partnering students.

The One-on-One Partners page is provided as a courtesy of the American Language Institute. The ALI does not schedule, monitor, or take responsibility for the quality or management of these personal extra-curricular sessions. The department does, however, welcome feedback from participating students. Comments and/or suggestions can be emailed to Megan Vallone at

If you are a native English speaker interested in becoming a One-on-One Partner, see HERE for information on qualifications and how to apply.