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Aaron is an undergraduate freshman studying Computer Science and Business Administration in Viterbi and Marshall. A bilingual speaker in English and Mandarin, Aaron was born in Australia but spent the majority of his life in Shanghai, where he attended a British-style international school. While in Shanghai, Aaron was an SAT, ACT, and English tutor for local high schools and college students. During his free time Aaron enjoys swimming, skiing, watching HBO, and is very passionate about French and Japanese cuisine. Majoring in both CS and Business, Aaron’s professional goals are to either work in finance or the tech sector. As an international student himself and with many friends who are non-native English speakers, Aaron understands the troubles international students face as they settle in to the American college environment. Whether you need help on an essay, recruiting, or understanding American popular culture, Aaron would love to help!

Aishwarya (only available to meet online)

Aishwarya is a Canadian graduate student studying MS Computer Science at Viterbi School of Engineering at USC. She has had a diverse upbringing, having lived and studied in different cities of India, Saudi Arabia and Canada. Aishwarya is always eager to mingle with people of various cultures as she believes that we all can learn a lot by sharing our unique experiences and world views with each other. As someone who is learning a new language, Aishwarya understands that having a conversation partner can definitely speed up the learning process and she is here to help!


Amber is from southern Arizona (where the tall cacti are!) but she spent the last year and a half in upstate New York. Even though Amber is from the desert, she loves the ocean and hopes to one day live on the beach. She is starting out this year studying environmental science and hopes to minor in the dramatic arts, as she is interested in creating films, especially for social change. Amber love cats, eating food, swimming, sleeping and laying in the grass and staring at the clouds. She loves traveling and exploring the world– so far, she has traveled to Costa Rica, Canada, and all over Europe.

Anthea is an undergraduate Sophomore pursuing a double degree in Business Administration and Accounting. She was born in the San Francisco Bay Area but raised in Macau, China until she moved back to the Bay when she was fourteen. Anthea loves traveling abroad and meeting people from different backgrounds. She is passionate about Asian culture and studied abroad in Kanazawa, Japan. She speaks fluent Mandarin, Cantonese, English, and Japanese and is looking to pick up a new language soon! As a student who had to adapt to new environments abroad, Anthea understands the challenges of learning a new language and finding friends in a foreign country. In her free time, Anthea enjoys being involved in on-campus student organizations, cooking, watching films, and exploring L.A. She is eager to help you with your conversational skills, essay edits, interview preparation, and/or just be a fun friend to talk to!

Ariana (Currently unavailable/ Will return Spring 2019)

Ariana is a pre-med freshman studying Gerontology. She was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, but is super excited to explore Los Angeles for the next four years. She enjoys drawing, swimming, and going to concerts, and especially loves her pet dog Ruby, a rescue from Singapore. Ariana has been working with international students to improve their speaking, reading, and writing skills both online and in person for two years. As a second-generation immigrant, she understands the difficulty of adjusting to a new place and learning a new language, and knows how helpful it can be to have someone to talk to on a regular basis, whether it be for practicing language skills, professional development, and just for fun. She is curious and eager to meet you, and is looking forward to sharing cultures and stories with you!


Arianna is a senior majoring in International Relations. Before coming to USC, she studied abroad for an academic year in Rome, Italy and has continued studying Italian ever since. She loves traveling and learning about other cultures and, in her free time, she likes to take dance classes, go hiking, and watch movies. Her father is originally from Poland and she hopes to spend time there after graduation to learn the language. She would love to help you improve your English, both written and spoken, however is most helpful for you, and looks forward to meeting you soon!


Becky is a junior studying Linguistics at USC. She was born and raised in southern China and is fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese. Becky loves drawing, drinking coffee, and baking treats. She was a spring admit so she spent her first semester in Italy, and understands the struggles when it comes to settling in. Becky hopes that she can use what she has learned through her experiences to help you have smoother transition to SC and life in LA. Whenever she gets the chance, she loves traveling to new places and can’t wait to hear about where you’re from and places you have been. Whether you want to brush up on your interviewing skills, need help with essays, or just someone to talk to she would love to help!


Brianneth  (Currently unavailable/ Will return Spring 2019)

Brianneth is a freshman majoring in Health and Human Sciences at the Dornsife College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences. She was part of the USC Summer Bridge Program, so she is familiar with the campus’ hidden gems. She was born and raised in the spectacular city of Los Angeles. She cannot imagine growing up anywhere else. She thinks the best thing about LA is the weather. During her free time, she enjoys taking road trips, watching movies, taking hikes, playing  sports, along with other things. She is an honest and open-minded individual who looks forward to new adventures. She enjoys embracing all the wonderful aspects of her Mexican culture and is fluent in the Spanish language. She is glad to have met so many wonderful people at USC and is thrilled to help other students make their transitions enjoyable experiences.

Caroline (Only available to meet online)

Caroline is a junior studying law, history, and culture (BA). Last semester she was partnered with 5 different international students and is now excited to begin her third semester with ALI! Caroline grew up near New York City, where she lived with her family and dog (a Norfolk Terrier named Marty). Caroline loves teaching and has been a pre-school teacher, math and English tutor for NYC middle school students, and a remote conversational English tutor for a Syrian refugee woman. Caroline’s family in NY hosts an Afghan refugee, so she is sensitive to the issues people face as they settle into American life. Caroline loves learning new languages and is currently studying Spanish and Arabic. She spends her free time dancing with USC’s Break Through hip hop team, the Break On 2 latin dance team, and trying vegan foods. Caroline is excited to help people perfect their English while she learns from students from around the world!


Hailing from the Big Island of Hawaii, Derek is an undergraduate junior studying Computer Science.  He has some background in Japanese and participated in a student exchange with Kumejima High School in Okinawa.  As someone who experienced learning a second language through immersion, he hopes to help others get acclimated to student life at USC through conversation.  In his free time, Derek likes to play tennis, travel, try new foods and search for new music.  He is also the Artistic Director of the campus Taiko drumming group and participates in both Chinese American Student Association and Nikkei Student Union events.  Feel free to reach out to Derek for anything from practicing presentations or interview skills to chatting about music or film or campus life.

Elizabeth (Currently booked/ unavailable to meet with new students)

Elizabeth is a junior majoring in International Relations and NGO’s and Global Change. Although her family is Russian, Elizabeth was born in Los Angeles. After living in LA for seven years, Elizabeth and her family returned to Moscow, Russia, where she attended an international school. Now she is happily studying at USC! Elizabeth is very excited to continue developing her relationship with the international student community. She relates to the challenges of studying far from home and is excited to help make your academic year a little easier. Elizabeth loves to chat about films, food and travel. Plus, she would love to look at photos of your cats and dogs. Elizabeth will try to find a learning approach that best suits your needs. She is opened to discussing your questions related to professional development, American culture or anything else. Elizabeth surely looks forward to meeting you!


Esther is a freshman in the Marshall School of Business majoring in Business Administration. She is originally from Dallas, Texas and is very grateful to be studying in sunny California. She was born in Seoul, South Korea but moved to the US when she was three years old and understands the difficulties of adjusting to American culture. Esther loves traveling and recently went to Thailand and Vietnam as an English teacher for the summer. She has also worked at Gideon Reading and Math as a tutor for young students. She has a true passion for education development and hopes to work in education administration in the future. On campus she is involved in choir and sings in the Thornton School of Music’s Concert Choir. Esther loves singing and music with all her heart. She is very excited to meet you and help you learn! Fight on!


Gina is a sophomore studying Communication at the USC School of Annenberg.  She attended five schools but mostly grew up in Piedmont, California. Although she only attended a French bilingual school for two years, she has continued to pursue fluency in the language. She loves playing volleyball, watching movies, and thrift shopping. Never having left the country has fueled her love for learning about other cultures and meeting people from different backgrounds. She is excited to help anyone who needs it and to get to know them in the process!


Hamza is a Sophomore studying Economics in the Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences. He was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan and is an international student himself. He is experienced in finding ways to fit into the environment at USC (which can be overwhelming at times). He has a lot of free time over winter break and next semester to meet with students and pass on the skills he has learned. Hamza loves watching television shows and exploring new parts of Los Angeles. His favorite thing to do is to discover new restaurants and cafes near USC and around LA, because who doesn’t? Hamza is also passionate about theatre and film and is thinking of minoring in it. Last year, he directed and produced a play for 800 people. He would love to hear about your achievements and hobbies and interests and talk about topics of your choice. He is eager to meet you, help you brush up your conversational skills and aid your transition into life here at USC.


Jamie is a freshman starting her academic career here at the University of Southern California, studying International Relations and Journalism. Although she is originally from a very small town in Wyoming, she has grown up traveling, including a six week trip to South America last summer. Besides her passion of traveling, she also loves music, playing the cello, drawing, painting, reading and meeting new people! Additionally, she has taken five years of Spanish while in high school and is now studying Arabic here at USC. She understands how complex learning a new language can be, as well adjusting to a new culture, as she did a short study abroad program in Chile. Feel free to reach out to Jamie if you need help improving your English skills, proofreading homework or just figuring out American culture!


Jared is a first year Masters student at the Sol Price School for Public Policy at USC. He is studying transportation planning and sustainable land use. Jared likes to travel, learn languages and genuinely enjoys teaching! He’s happy to help students in any way he can!


Jonah is a senior from Santa Monica, California studying International Relations Global Business with an emphasis in Financial Management at USC. He has always been fascinated by other cultures’ languages and their cities. He speaks Mandarin Chinese as well as Spanish and has been to many countries Asia, Europe, and South America. Jonah went to Taiwan last summer and experienced what it was like to be in a one-on-one situation. He looks forward to bringing the skills and tools he picked up to his one-on-one meetings. In his free time he enjoys going to the beach, playing baseball and tennis, and going to the gym. Whether it is a paper, an interview, an email, or just questions about American culture, Jonah is happy to help!


Katie Stone is a freshman studying Communication in the Annenberg School at USC.  She is from a small town in New York just outside of New York City and has two younger siblings.  She loves activities like hiking, swimming, and yoga, and is so excited to explore her new home that is Los Angeles!  During the summer, Katie works as a sleep away camp counselor; she is a lifeguard and swim instructor for girls ranging in age from 7 to 15.  At USC, Katie is involved in Greek Life, Marshall Entertainment Association, and USC Photography club.  She is so excited to meet her fellow classmates and help them learn through the Conversation Partner Program!


Kyle is a sophomore transfer student  in the Marshall School of Business, majoring in Business Administration and adding on Accounting in the near future. The son of Singaporean immigrants, Kyle was raised within the San Francisco Bay Area and is looking forward to exploring LA. Kyle has been working with  Chinese international students for the past year at University of California, Santa Barbara, helping them with translations, economics, essay writing, and adjusting to American culture. He himself is currently adapting to a brand new environment at USC and understands the difficulties of settling in and the importance of having a friend to help you through the process. His hobbies include baking, cooking, and story writing; whether you wish to discuss delicious recipes or require assistance with essays and interviews, Kyle is eager to meet you and smooth your transition into USC!


Leah is a rising junior from Chicago studying Cognitive Science and East Asian Area Studies. She has always had a passion for learning languages and helping others. Leah has traveled to Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, and Japan in the past two years to improve her Chinese speaking skills as well as further her understanding of other cultures. In her free time, Leah loves to eat food, go to the beach, explore LA, dance, and play video games or watch movies with her friends. Whether you need help with an essay, speaking, mock interview, or understanding American culture, Leah is excited to meet and help you! Fight On!


Lily is a sophomore studying Industrial & Systems Engineering (Info Systems) with a minor in Business Finance. She is from Honolulu, Hawaii but has lived internationally for 10 years of her life. Lily is involved with various organizations on campus, including Value Investment Group and Theta Tau, a professional engineering fraternity. She is also a huge music (anything from baroque to classical) fan, and performs with the concerto concert orchestra on campus. She is fluent in both Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese, and knows a little bit of French, but is always down to learn more about other cultures! She is excited to explore all that LA has to offer, and looks forward to hearing from you!


Rachel (Currently unavailable/ Will return Spring 2019)

Rachel is a freshman studying Film and Television Production. In her free time, she enjoys public speaking, volunteering, and filmmaking, particularly documentary filmmaking. She was born and raised in Southern California, but enjoys traveling and has been all over North America and Europe. She spent her first semester of college in Paris and has been studying French for a number of years. She looks forward to getting to know students and is eager to help them with essays, presentations, conversation, or whatever they would like.

Sarah (only available to meet online)

Sarah is an undergraduate freshman from the San Gabriel Valley studying GeoDesign. In her free time, she enjoys reading, exploring L.A., trying new foods, and of course, meeting new people. She can speak conversational Cantonese, and is currently learning Mandarin. Even though her Chinese is limited, that doesn’t stop her from striking up a conversation with other international students. She is always happy to learn about other cultures and can’t wait to meet you!


Shikah is an undergraduate senior majoring in Industrial and Systems Engineering at Viterbi. Though she was born and raised primarily in Saudi Arabia, she has spent several years in France, Czech Republic and China. During summers as an undergraduate, she has worked in various countries around the world. Shikah is a board member of the Saudi Student Association, and an active member in USCs undergraduate student government, international student assembly, and expat society. She has started learning Spanish at USC, and enjoys learning and teaching languages. In her free time, Shikah is an essay tutor for international students. She also enjoys hiking, going to the beach, and exploring new restaurants around the city. Shikah will help you improve your language, social, and interviewing skills! Shikah is excited to get to know you and to grow together professionally!

Stella (only available to meet online)

Stella is a sophomore undergrad at USC studying Marketing and Communications Design in hopes of eventually starting a business or designing for a business. She has grown up in Cambridge, MA for her whole life until coming to LA for school. Her family moved to America just before starting a family so she has experienced a Chinese upbringing at home while living in American culture. She understands the cultural differences and how important it is to integrate but to also stay true to your roots. Stella loves movies, music, going to concerts, trying new things, and good conversations! She would love to help with any problems regarding relationships, life advice, and even simple questions about English. She is excited to meet you and help out in anyway she can!


Vincent is a graduate student studying MS Computer Science at the Viterbi School of Engineering at USC. He was born in Seoul, Republic of Korea, and then moved to London, United Kingdom when he was young. Moving out of the country at a young age introduced Vincent to the wonders of traveling, which has since turned into a long-time hobby for him. During his free time, Vincent enjoys playing Japanese Mahjong and traveling around the city. He can speak Korean, Japanese, English, and a little bit of German (the latter being somewhat rusty!). Vincent has experience with teaching English and other high school subjects to Korean-American students from his high school and undergraduate years and welcomes everyone to ask him for assistance in anything from basic conversation to interview preparations.

Yoko (Currently unavailable/ Will return Spring 2019)

Yoko is a 2nd year graduate student in USC Chan Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy. She is originally from Boston, Massachusetts where she studied piano performance at New England Conservatory of Music. Born to Japanese immigrant parents, Yoko is very familiar with both the challenges and beauties of cultural diversity. She is also an expert collaborator and teacher from her experience teaching piano and performing in ensembles. She loves meeting people and looks forward to meeting her fellow USC Trojans!


Zoe is a second year undergraduate student studying Global Health through USC’s Keck School of Medicine on the UPC Campus. She is passionate about healthcare and helping others and wants to pursue a career in hospital administration. Zoe is also specializing in Applied Analytics through Viterbi’s Information Technology Program. Zoe is from San Diego, California so she loves swimming, surfing, and all things ocean-related. She grew up in a multiracial (half Thai, half French and Swedish) household so she has a soft spot for exploring the differences and similarities among cultures. Some of her hobbies and passions include all things food or cooking-related, being outdoors–she is an avid hiker, camper, and backpacker, all kinds of music, and giving service to the community through volunteering.