Summer Session

Students who want to improve their English before starting their degree programs should plan to take ALI classes in the summer.  By taking English language classes in the summer, students will be better prepared for their academic course work in the fall.  Also students may be able to complete their required ALI classes before the regular academic year begins, and then be able to concentrate all their efforts on their major studies in the fall. Students who wish to participate will need to take the International Student English (ISE) examination before classes start.

Summer 2017 Summer Session Dates: May 17th to June 27th

Review and enroll in ALI summer session courses on USC Schedule of Classes.

ISE Exam

There is no fee for taking the ISE exam.

Sign up to reserve your place for the ISE. On the day of the test, bring a picture ID (passport), your admission letter, a pen and a pencil. For more details about the ALI summer program, please email us at

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