Gearing up for the Oscars

By Shivam Goyal

Being a USC student, going out to the movies can be quite the struggle, mainly due to a lack of time and transportation options. However, it is awards season and the biggest ceremony of the year, the 88th Academy Awards (or “Oscars”) are coming up quick, Feb. 28th! I always make it a point to watch some of the nominated films beforehand so that I’m familiar with the contenders. This makes watching the awards more fun!  If you need a break from school and you love movies as much as I do, the next two weeks is a great time to catch up on those nominations.  The following is a list of the films with the most nominations. I recommend seeing these first to really prepare for the big show.

  1. The Revenant (12 nominations)
  2. Mad Max: Fury Road (10 nominations)
  3. The Martian (7 nominations)
  4. Carol (6 nominations)
  5. Bridge of Spies (6 nominations)

Below are my two favorite spots to watch a movie in Los Angeles.

Regal Cinema LA LIVE
Photo by Eric Richardson on Flickr

This choice is made of convenience, but it’s also a really great place for a movie escape. The Regal Cinemas at L.A. Live is only about an 8 minute drive away. If you don’t have a car, Uber is a great option and relatively cheap. Cheaper yet, there’s a bus and a train that will get you here as well.  The F Dash bus will drop you off right in front of L.A. Live, while the Expo Line light rail train station is only about two blocks away. Both modes will pick you up on the edge of campus and get you to the theater in about 15 minutes.

This traditional movie theatre is massive; it offers 14 screens which means it typically offers all the big movies that are out at any given time. There is also reserved seating, so you can buy your ticket online at before the show to confirm your seat!

Main reason I love this theatre: it’s located in a nice area, with tons of restaurants and night life, and it’s conveniently close by so I can basically go whenever I feel like it.

My Rating: 8.5/10

I-Pic Theatre (Pasadena and Westwood)
Photo by Krists Luhaers on Unsplash

I-Pic theatres have two locations in Los Angeles, one in the Westwood area and the other in Pasadena. This luxurious movie theatre offers a fully flat bed, pillows, blankets and complimentary popcorn. To complete the movie watching experience, there is a full time waiter at your service through whom you can order food and cocktails for an additional cost. This theatre is not just a movie theatre; it’s a place where you can treat yourself to comfort and entertainment. The one downside is that tickets are expensive; you can expect to pay more than $25 for your movie ticket (and even more for the VIP plus seating), plus the cost of food and drinks. But hey, it’s the perfect place for a fun and romantic date!

My Rating: 9.5/10

Even if you don’t see any of the movies, I still recommend watching the Academy Awards, especially if you can do so at an Oscar’s party. A lot of people like to throw viewing parties where the guests dress up and gather to watch the awards on TV. It’s a pretty silly tradition but it’s still fun and you can feel like you’re there with the stars on the red carpet. Some people like to spicy up the evening with light gambling. A popular practice is to have all guests contribute a little money (maybe $5)  to create a pool, then they all fill out ballots with which films/actors they think will win in each category. The person who guesses the most amount of winners wins all the money.

Whatever you end up doing for the Oscars, I hope you enjoy the awards season!

Featured image by Prayitno on Flickr

Shivam is a junior majoring in Accounting and Business Administration. Originally from Vancouver, B.C, he loves the outdoors, whether it’s a bike ride, going to the beach, or anything else that involves physical activity. He is also an avid sports fan and goes to Clippers and Kings games in his free time. He also likes meeting new Trojans no matter what their interests are and his greatest skill is being able to get along with everyone he meets.