Success Begins with a Healthy Mind

By Sasha Park

Edited By Natalie Grace Sipula 

College can often be overwhelming. While trying to juggle academics, extracurricular activities, social life, sleep, and potentially a job, we often neglect to take care of and check in on our mental health. USC has many resources that directly and indirectly help students to cope with stress and improve their mental health, especially in overwhelming and challenging times such as the circumstances we are facing today. Here are some resources you can reach out to in-person or visually for support.

USC Counseling Services:

Student Counseling Services can help you meet your academic and personal goals. It offers many resources including drop-in workshops and group counseling. For students in distress, it provides support in the form of individual therapy, crisis support, psychiatric services as well as consultation to those who are interested in reaching out to a student in distress.  When indicated, it also provides connection to other USC resources or community providers. You can make your first Counseling Consultation appointment online in your student health portal, and they are offering online appointments at this time as well:

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Professor Beau, the Wellness Dog

No article about wellness at USC is complete without a mention of Professor Beau, USC’s first (and hopefully not last) full-time canine staff member. You can visit this professionally trained Golden Doodle at his office hours on Tuesday and Thursday at 12-1 pm and 11:20 am to 12:30 p.m. respectively at the Student Wellness Lounge (ESH 203). Plus, he’s hypoallergenic! You can check out his (verified) Instagram account here to get your Beau fix from home:

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Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention and Services

Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention and Services is located in Engemann, Suite 356.  It provides immediate therapy services for situations related to gender and power-based harm (e.g., sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking). Through its educational programs, Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention and Services fosters a better understanding of sexual violence, relationship abuse, stalking, and healthy relationships/sexuality. Above all, Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention and Services serves as a haven for students and provides opportunities to make change on campus, through its educational programs and peer outreach program, VOICE .

Contact them at (213) 740-4900

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USC Office of Religious Life

For those who take solace in prayer, USC’s Office of Religious Life houses more than 90 religious organizations and offers opportunities for students to connect with each other as well as with faculty through monthly talks like “What Matters to Me and Why.” However, their services don’t stop at prayer and spirituality — the Office of Religious Life is also partnered up with 12-step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous that help tackle addiction. Their unique partnership with the LGBT Resource Center also allows students to challenge stereotypes and explore the intersections of spirituality and sexuality, which are often thought of as being in contention with each other. They are offering a plethora of online resources and programs for spiritual guidance and community bonding during this trying time.

Join the Office of Religious Life for a virtual campfire to share with others your thoughts on life and contribute to a conversation on a given topic:

Contact them at or at (213) 740-6110.

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LGBT Resource Center:

With organizations like Queer and Ally Student Assembly, Transgender Advocacy Group and a complete and comprehensive list of all the gender-neutral restrooms at USC, the LGBT Resource Center serves as a platform for all students to feel accepted, regardless of orientation or identification. They have comprehensive information on graduate and undergraduate organizations and interest groups, information to help with coming out and referrals to neighboring LGBTQ+ support resources.

Contact them at (213) 740-7619 or at

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All these resources are here to remind you that you are valuable, and your presence is valuable.

For virtual support and well-being to access at home: 

For questions about health, well-being, or when you are not quite sure who to ask about a specific problem, try this online question and answer service provided by USC:

Mindful USC connects you with professionals and other students who want to improve their mindfulness. You can access online mindfulness programs as well as download the mobile app:

The USC Kortschak Center provides resources to help manage your schedule, channel your creativity, and adjust to transitions (perfect for this unprecedented time!):

Basic Needs is a program at USC that can help those who are struggling to make ends meet in difficult times:

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Sasha is a senior, majoring in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Studies and minoring in Psychology and Law. She hopes to become a physician and make a difference in public health. Sasha likes to draw and go camping when she has spare time.