Student Group Leaders

Meet the students who lead our Conversation Group, Book Club, and Writing Lab sessions! You can see them on Zoom, in person, or chat on Slack!


Conversation Group Leader

Aaron is a senior majoring in Law, History, and Culture. He was born in Hong Kong, grew up in Beijing, and also has an Australian nationality, so he can speak English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and a bit of Spanish (from high school). Outside of cramming for the LSAT, Aaron loves theatre, soccer, and magic. As a transfer student, he is very excited to meet all of you and make new friends!


Conversation Group Leader

Alexis is a senior from Phoenix, AZ pursuing a degree in Public Relations and Marketing. Prior to her transition into business communications, she studied Psychology and Theatre, and she plans on working in the entertainment, beauty, or food PR industry upon graduation. Alexis is particularly interested in learning about cuisines from across the globe, as she believes food is the best reflection of culture. Outside of class, she is an active member of Alpha Phi Omega, USC’s premier community service organization that commits hundreds of hours per semester to serving the Los Angeles community.


Social Media Assistant & Conversation Group Leader

Anahi is a Political Science major and a French minor. She is a junior and is from El Paso, Texas. She is currently involved with Trojan Herstory as a Content Creator and is an active member of Phi Alpha Delta, a pre-law organization. Anahi is a transfer student and prior to attending USC she attended Florida Atlantic University. Anahi is dedicated to political organizing and has been a part of various organizations such as Students for Bernie and the Florida Immigrant Coalition. She is also passionate about learning about other cultures and countries, and hopes to study abroad at some point during her academic career. In her free time Anahi enjoys yoga, reading, and musical theatre.


Book Club Leader & Writing Labs Leader

Connor is a senior majoring in History and Italian at the
Dornsife College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences. Born and raised in
California, in Los Angeles and the SF Bay Area, he has long been
interested in experiencing diverse cultures and learning new
languages. He is fluent in Spanish and proficient in Italian, drawn to
both by his love of history and cuisine. He enjoys adventuring in both the urban and natural landscapes of California, as well as playing and listening to music, and is always happy to recommend the best taco spot to eat at, beach to walk along, or album to listen to. He is a huge sports fan and loves to chat about everything from the Lakers to soccer.


Conversation Group Leader

Jacqueline is a sophomore majoring in biological sciences. She is from Torrance, California and speaks a little bit of Mandarin and Cantonese from high school and from her culture. Outside of school, Jacqueline likes to hang out with other humans and write. She is thankful to study in LA, around inspired people following their dreams.


Conversation Group Leader

Jasmine is a fourth-year student majoring in Global Studies and minoring in Visual Narrative Arts. She was born and raised in New Jersey, and enjoys exploring places around California. She has always found it fascinating to navigate the complexities of other cultures, which she attributes to her half-Korean, half-Moroccan background. She knows Korean and French (and a little Chinese). During her time at USC, she has volunteered for The Francisco Homes and has also served as an executive board member for several cultural clubs. In her free time, she enjoys drawing, reading, exercising, and cooking. She looks forward to meeting everyone and creating lasting memories!


Conversation Group Leader

Josie is an Administration and Intelligence & Cyber Operations major, with a minor in East Asian Languages and Cultures. She is an incoming sophomore from Denver, Colorado. As a volunteer tax preparer, she loves helping other people while also being able to learn from them. In her free time, she loves playing with her dogs, visiting animal sanctuaries, and meeting new people. Josie is very excited to work with all of you!



Conversation Group Leader

Lianne is a senior majoring in Business Administration and minoring in Applied Analytics. She is from the Bay Area and loves exploring good food places and cafes all the way from NorCal to SoCal. She is the past President of the Asian American Tutorial Project, a volunteer organization on campus that focuses its efforts on giving back to the LA Chinatown community and beyond, and has also served as a bilingual teaching assistant in China. Lianne can speak Cantonese and Mandarin, and enjoys meeting people from all different backgrounds and cultures as it always brings upon new stories and adventures! She looks forward to chatting with and getting to know everyone!


Conversation Group Leader

Matthew is a current freshman studying psychology at the Dana and David Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences. He was born and raised in Los Angeles, California so he is very familiar with the area. In his free time, he works as a Community Facilitator, goes swimming, and watches Netflix or sports. Matthew has teaching experience tutoring middle school students privately and as a teacher assistant in a summer enrichment program for elementary students. He loves to eat good food and try new activities throughout the city. Matthew is excited to you help improve your conversational skills! 


Conversation Group Leader

Miguel is a senior pursuing a major in Business Administration with a focus in finance as well as minors in Applied Analytics & Real Estate Development. He was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA and enjoys most of his free time visiting the beautiful SoCal beaches for a quick surf as well as exploring the latest trendy eateries all over SoCal. Miguel’s career goals are to work in investment banking with an ultimate goal of working in private equity. While working towards this, he also enjoys exploring investment opportunities in both commercial and residential real estate markets. Lastly, his two main hobbies are basketball and peruvian culinary arts. Miguel enjoys playing and watching basketball as well as preparing some delicious peruvian dishes for his friends and family. 


Conversation Group Leader/ Book Club Leader/ Writing Labs Leader

Natalie is pursuing a double major in Philosophy, Politics, and Law and Spanish and plans to pursue a career in criminal or immigration law.  She is a junior from Cleveland, Ohio and is a Presidential Scholar studying in Thematic Option. Natalie is an active member of Phi Alpha Delta law fraternity, Trojan Scholars Society, USC Model UN, QuestBridge Scholars, and Gamma Phi Beta. Growing up she was dedicated to theatre, including studying and performing at Cleveland Play House. She is a volunteer camp counselor with Mi Pueblo Culture Camp in Cleveland. Since arriving in Los Angeles she has enjoyed volunteering with Angel City Pit Bulls animal shelter and in her free time enjoys reading, writing, hiking, and learning to play the acoustic guitar!


Conversation Group Leader

Richard is a senior majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Health Care Studies. Growing up in France and arriving to the United States in his early teen years, he understands very well the hardships of immersing yourself in a new culture with a new language and new customs. He interacted with multiple immigrant communities both in the US and in France and developed efficient methods of discovering new cultures comprehensively. In his free time, he enjoys playing the piano, working out, learning new languages, and reading books. He is eager to meet you and share his experiences!