CG Group Leaders

Meet the students who lead our group sessions!


Iric is a junior majoring in Electrical Engineering. His career inspiration from a very young age was on-screen robotics like Iron-Man and Gundam. He hopes to work in the aerospace industry, as that industry resembles what he wants to strive for the most. He likes to play tennis, play video games, and watch movies in his spare time.


Mia Price is a junior majoring in Business Administration with a pre-medical emphasis. She is from Atlanta, Georgia and loves swimming, yoga, and Chick-fil-a. She is proficient in Spanish and has served as a Spanish translator in her school district back home and at a local LA clinic. She loves talking to people and gaining insight from different cultural perspectives; she is excited about this exchange with the international students!


Michael is a junior majoring in Jazz Studies at the Thornton School of Music. He lived in Fresno, California until moving to L.A. for college. In his free time, he can be found practicing the trombone, or playing video games. Michael has traveled all around North America, and he loves getting to know new people, listening to stories, and being a friend to others. He highly values friendship, and he can’t wait to meet you!


Richard is an sophomore majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Health Care Studies. Growing up in France and arriving to the United States in his early teen years, he understands very well the hardships of immersing yourself in a new culture with a new language and new customs. He interacted with multiple immigrant communities both in the US and in France and developed efficient methods of discovering new cultures comprehensively. In his free time, he enjoys playing the piano, working out, learning new languages, and reading books. He is eager to meet you and share his experiences!


Samantha Jungheim was born and raised in Southern California. In 2015, Samantha received her Bachelor in Fine Arts, Painting from San Francisco Art Institute. As an undergraduate, she studied abroad in Paris for one semester at the Ecole nationale superiere des Beaux-Arts. Her long standing interest in foreign cultures and languages lead her to move to South Korea. Samantha taught English for two and a half years in South Korea in Jeonju and Seoul. Samantha is a passionate advocate for English as a second language students. She is now a student at USC Rossier School of Education in the MAT-TESOL program.


Sarah is a sophomore studying psychology with a double minor in marketing and entrepreneurship. She is from SoCal and enjoys playing basketball, going shopping, and hanging out with friends. Sarah loves to travel and explore different places and meet new people.


Stephanie is a junior studying Economics, and a member of Thematic Options. She is from San Diego, California, and enjoys music of a large variety, reading, and watching various TV shows. Stephanie has always had an interest in languages and cultures, and is slowly learning Korean and Japanese.  Stephanie thoroughly enjoys traveling, and looks forward to opportunities to travel abroad later in her educational career.  She loves talking to people and learning about other people’s backgrounds as well as discussing a wide variety of topics.


Victoria is a senior majoring in Physics/Computer Science and minoring in Environmental Studies. She was born and raised in West Covina, California and loves to be outdoors. She also knows how to speak Spanish and enjoys listening to music from different cultures. Victoria is always up for an adventure and loves to meet new people!