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Alyssa is Junior student at the Dornsife College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences majoring in psychology. Alyssa has a large variety of European and Hispanic ancestry. Alyssa has lived in four different cities in California that include Ventura, Somerset, (one hour south from Sacramento) Santa Cruz, and Santa Clarita. Currently, Alyssa resides in Oxnard, California. When she is not studying or working on various community engagement projects, Alyssa enjoys reading, skateboarding, skim boarding, rollerblading, ice skating, hiking, and going to the beach. Alyssa has a very diverse background and will have a great conversation with you about practically anything as she is very conversational and also can fully assist you with whatever you would like to learn and/or develop. Alyssa is looking forward to hearing from you and getting to know you! 


Brianneth is a senior majoring in Environmental Studies at the Dornsife College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences. She is also pursuing a MA in Environmental Studies through the USC progressive-degree program. She was born and raised in the spectacular city of Los Angeles, so she is familiar with the city’s’ hidden gems. She thinks the best thing about LA is its diverse culture and of course, the amazing weather. During her free time, she enjoys taking road trips, watching movies, taking hikes, playing sports, and being creative. She is adventurous and always up to learning new skills. She enjoys embracing all the wonderful aspects of her Mexican-American culture and is fluent in the Spanish language. She is glad to have met many wonderful people at USC and is thrilled to help other students make their transitions enjoyable experiences.


Connor is a junior majoring in History and Italian at the Dornsife College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences. Born and raised in California, in Los Angeles and the SF Bay Area, he has long been interested in experiencing diverse cultures and learning new languages. He is fluent in Spanish and proficient in Italian, drawn to both by his love of history and cuisine. He enjoys adventuring in both the urban and natural landscapes of California, as well as playing and listening to music, and is always happy to recommend the best taco spot to eat at, beach to walk along, or album to listen to. He is a huge sports fan and loves to chat about everything from the Lakers to soccer. If you want to find a movie to watch or trail to hike, learn about Californian slang or what there is to do around campus, improve your conversational, writing, and interview skills or anything else Connor is ready and excited to talk with you!


Eileen is a sophomore, born and raised in the suburbs near Chicago, Illinois. She was living in Seoul, South Korea, and dancing professionally with a ballet company there before coming to USC. She is currently working towards her BFA in Dance and is hoping to minor in Communications Design. Her dance career has taken her to many different parts of the world, allowing her to make an international community of friends and artists which she greatly appreciates and values. She enjoys nature, long walks, running, yoga, reading, writing, art, music, cooking, traveling, photography, and editing among other things. Eileen is excited to be in conversation, community, and growth with all those who wish to join her and is ready to support whatever needs you may have!


Jack is a senior earning an M.S. in Applied Economics and Econometrics through the progressive degree program. Born and raised in Washington, DC, he’s loved getting to spend the last few years in Los Angeles and has driven across the United States five times. From scuba diving to writing movie reviews for the school newspaper, he tries to take advantage of everything Southern California has to offer. He studied abroad in Madrid last spring and is always looking to improve his Spanish. He’s looking forward to meeting new students and helping them perfect their writing, presentation, and communication abilities!


Jacqueline is a junior, born and raised in the suburbs near Seattle, Washington. She is an Linguistics and East Asian Languages major, as well as an avid reader and writer, so she loves everything to do with the English language–and all other languages as well! Currently she is studying Japanese, and plans to start next with Korean. In her spare time, aside from reading and writing, she likes to draw, watch movies, learn new recipes, and volunteer for various educational programs. She would love to get to know you, and to help you with any skills you’d like!


Janis is a senior majoring in Comparative Literature with a minor in Jazz Studies. He was born in the Netherlands and moved early on to San Francisco, California, where he grew up. Janis speaks Spanish at an intermediate level and is always trying to improve. His personal interests are in music history, literature, music performance, sports, chess, the outdoors, creative writing and other forms of art-making. He loves comparing different languages and their shared histories. People fascinate him and he and loves learning about their lives by sharing stories. Janis is looking forward to getting to know you while helping to improve your conversational fluency, to prepare for interviews, and to hone your writing skills.


Jonah is a junior studying Neuroscience and minoring in Spanish and UX Design. He grew up in Burlington, Vermont and has visited almost every state in the US. He speaks English and Spanish fluently as well as moderate Dutch and a few other languages. Jonah recently studied abroad in the Netherlands and has visited most of Europe and North America. Jonah hosted exchange students in high school and has extensive experience with international students both in academic and personal life. As someone who is not from Southern California, he also loves exploring LA and experiencing the many cultures of the city. On campus, Jonah does genetics research and works at the School of Architecture in addition to participating in many student organizations. In his free time, Jonah enjoys listening to music, watching movies, trying new restaurants, skateboarding, or hanging out with friends. Jonah looks forward to helping with conversation skills, essays and schoolwork, slang/idioms, and interview preparation while getting to know you in the process! 

Leah (unavailable to new requests/currently at student capacity)

Leah is a senior from Chicago studying Cognitive Science and East Asian Area Studies. She has always had a passion for learning languages and helping others. Leah has traveled to Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, and Japan in the past two years to improve her Chinese speaking skills as well as further her understanding of other cultures. In her free time, Leah loves to eat food, go to the beach, explore LA, dance, and play video games or watch movies with her friends. Whether you need help with an essay, speaking, mock interview, or understanding American culture, Leah is excited to meet and help you! Fight On!


Megan is a junior studying Psychology with a minor in Consumer Behavior. Having lived in the Bay Area her whole life and currently attending school in Los Angeles, she can’t imagine living anywhere else besides sunny California. Growing up as a Vietnamese-American, she is fluent in both English and Vietnamese, as well as Spanish at an intermediate level. On campus, she is a member of AcceptedSC, Trojan Support and a tutor for Psychology courses. Megan enjoys watching movies, shopping, eating good food and going to the beach. She looks forward to meeting new students and supporting them with their English oral skills in any way she can!

Rachel (unavailable until Spring 2021)

Rachel is a rising senior studying Film and television Production. In her free time, she enjoys public speaking, volunteering, and filmmaking, and is particularly interested in documentary filmmaking. She was born and raised in Southern California, but enjoys traveling and has been all over North America and Europe. She spent her first semester of college in Paris and has been studying French for a number of years. She looks forward to getting to know students and is eager to help them with essays, presentations, conversation, or whatever they would like.


Richard is an sophomore majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Health Care Studies. Growing up in France and arriving to the United States in his early teen years, he understands very well the hardships of immersing yourself in a new culture with a new language and new customs. He interacted with multiple immigrant communities both in the US and in France and developed efficient methods of discovering new cultures comprehensively. In his free time, he enjoys playing the piano, working out, learning new languages, and reading books. He is eager to meet you and share his experiences!


Samantha is a senior Business student with plans to work at the intersection of finance and tech in NYC after graduation. Originally from the east coast, Sam loves to explore the latest food spots in both NY and LA. Over the past year, she’s picked up baking, painting, reading, and more quarantine hobbies! Having completed the process herself, Sam is happy to assist with the entire professional recruiting process – from resumes, interviews, to networking. Moreover, she’s eager to chat more informally about culture, current events, and life in general!

Sarah S.

Sarah is a junior majoring in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing. She was born in the Los Angeles area and has lived there much of her life. In addition to English, she has some background in Mandarin Chinese, French, and basic German. In her free time, she likes reading, listening to music, photography, and cooking. Sarah went to Beijing last summer and experienced having one-on-one conversations with other local students learning English. She hopes to continue improving her Chinese and French and is interested in teaching English as a foreign language someday. Feel free to reach out to Sarah if you need any help with your English language skills.

Sarah T.

Sarah is a senior from the San Gabriel Valley studying GeoDesign. In her free time, she enjoys reading, exploring L.A., trying new foods, and of course, meeting new people. She can speak conversational Cantonese, and is currently learning Mandarin. Even though her Chinese is limited, that doesn’t stop her from striking up a conversation with other international students. She is always happy to learn about other cultures and can’t wait to meet you!

Tiffany H.

Tiffany is a junior studying Health and Human Sciences with a minor in Economics on the pre-physical therapy track. She is originally from San Jose, California, but has lived overseas in Shanghai and Taiwan. Additionally, she speaks Mandarin and conversational Spanish. On campus, she is a member of Science Outreach and a research assistant at the USC Brain and Creativity Institute. Tiffany loves traveling, going to the movies, trying new foods, and spending time with friends. Feel free to reach out to Tiffany if you need any help, whether for interview preparations, presentations, or just simple conversations! She looks forward to hearing from you! Fight on! 

Tiffany M.

Tiffany is a Master’s Student from New York City studying Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine. Her Bachelor’s degree is from USC in Human Biology on the Applied Physiology track with a Minor in Health Care Studies. She hopes to pursue a MD-PhD in the near future. She has conducted molecular biology, stem cell biology, and cancer biology research at UPC, HSC, and CHLA. On campus, she participated in many student organizations such as GlobeMed at USC and the Marching Band where she played flute. In her free time, she likes baking, exploring LA, trying new food, and hanging out with friends. She has teaching experience through the Joint Educational Program at USC.  Feel free to reach out to Tiffany if you need any help with conversation skills, interview preparation, coursework, or anything else. Tiffany is excited to meet and help you! Fight On!


Trisha is a junior studying Occupational Therapy. She was raised abroad in Asia and Europe before eventually moving with her family to settle in northeast Florida. She has had exposure to several languages, from Filipino dialects, to intermediate Spanish, and even basic Korean. She has been heavily involved in Troy Philippines and various USC dance teams. In her free time, she enjoys branching out to experience and appreciate other cultures through music, food, and entertainment. She also has experience adjusting to Los Angeles and USC culture and she’s prepared to discuss adaptation to broader American culture as well. With a background in teaching and tutoring over Zoom, Trisha is ready to help you better converse and compose in English— whether it be for an academic presentation, an interview, or to improve your overall communication skills!