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To select a partner, please review the list of partners on this page and then submit your request in the form below. In the "Request" box, please provide the name or names of partners with whom you'd like to meet, the times you are available to meet (keeping in mind your selected partners' availabilities) and what you would like to work on.We will forward your request to your selected partner(s) and they will contact you shortly.


Alyssa is Junior student at the Dornsife College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences majoring in psychology. Alyssa has a large variety of European and Hispanic ancestry. Alyssa has lived in four different cities in California that include Ventura, Somerset, (one hour south from Sacramento) Santa Cruz, and Santa Clarita. Currently, Alyssa resides in Oxnard, California. When she is not studying or working on various community engagement projects, Alyssa enjoys reading, skateboarding, skim boarding, rollerblading, ice skating, hiking, and going to the beach. Alyssa has a very diverse background and will have a great conversation with you about practically anything as she is very conversational and also can fully assist you with whatever you would like to learn and/or develop. Alyssa is looking forward to hearing from you and getting to know you! 


Cassandra is a senior studying Health Promotion and Disease Prevention. She grew up in the Bay Area and speaks Mandarin fluently, a language she uses to interact with her parents and grandparents. On campus, she’s involved in Trojan Shelter, Wazo Connect, and works as a research assistant in the Brain and Music Lab at the USC Brain and Creativity Institute, among other things. In her free time, Cassandra enjoys cooking, playing music with her friends, and exploring the best food places in LA. She has grown up surrounded by and interacting with international students and is looking forward to meeting you all! She’s looking forward to helping you in whatever way you may need, including interview practice, presentation feedback, writing tips, and just simply conversing!


Connor is a rising senior majoring in History and Italian at the Dornsife College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences. Born and raised in California, in Los Angeles and the SF Bay Area, he has long been interested in experiencing diverse cultures and learning new languages. He is fluent in Spanish and proficient in Italian, drawn to both by his love of history and cuisine. He enjoys adventuring in both the urban and natural landscapes of California, as well as playing and listening to music, and is always happy to recommend the best taco spot to eat at, beach to walk along, or album to listen to. He is a huge sports fan and loves to chat about everything from the Lakers to soccer. If you want to find a movie to watch or trail to hike, learn about Californian slang or what there is to do around campus, improve your conversational, writing, and interview skills or anything else Connor is ready and excited to talk with you!


Hannah is a junior at Dornsife College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences, majoring in Economics and minoring in East Asian Area Studies. Born and raised in Malaysia, she has a background in interacting with multiple cultures, languages, and heritages. She has also spent some time in Boston, Massachusetts, and briefly studied abroad in Osaka, Japan. Aside from English, Hannah is also fluent in Malay, proficient in Mandarin, and conversational in Cantonese and Korean. On campus, Hannah works for the Financial and Business Services and is involved in the International Students Assembly. In her free time, she loves going on food trips, listening to music, and simply enjoying a good conversation. With prior experience in tutoring English, being an essay copyeditor, and being an interviewer for a publication, she is well-versed in making personalized conversations and helping with technical aspects of the language. Above all, she loves meeting people and is excited to get to know you!


Holly is a first-year graduate student studying Communication Management at USC Annenberg School of Communications and Journalism. She grew up in Shanghai and Vancouver and moved to the US for college. She has now moved to LA to study her passion in marketing and PR and is a new student at USC who is excited to meet her fellow peers. She is proficient in both English and Chinese and has 7 years of experience in public speaking. She would love to help those who are struggling with speaking and presenting in class as well as students who may need help with their English. Outside of school, she loves photography, traveling, meeting new people, exercising, and exploring different cuisines and cultures. She would love to talk about anything that may interest you or any concerns you have with school, work, or life. With prior experience in marketing and PR, news reporting, and interviewing for a student-run podcast, she has excellent written and oral skills that can definitely help you improve your English through one-on-one conversations. Holly is excited to meet with you and make great conversations! 


Jonah is a senior studying Neuroscience and minoring in Spanish. He grew up in Burlington, Vermont and has visited almost every state in the US. He speaks English and Spanish fluently as well as moderate Dutch and a few other languages. Jonah recently studied abroad in the Netherlands and has visited most of Europe and North America. Jonah hosted exchange students in high school and has extensive experience with international students both in academic and personal life. As someone who is not from Southern California, he also loves exploring LA and experiencing the many cultures of the city. On campus, Jonah does genetics research and works at the School of Architecture in addition to participating in many student organizations. In his free time, Jonah enjoys listening to music, watching movies, trying new restaurants, skateboarding, or hanging out with friends. Jonah looks forward to helping with conversation skills, essays and schoolwork, slang/idioms, and interview preparation while getting to know you in the process! 


Janaiya is a sophomore majoring in Business Administration. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue higher education in a diverse and competitive environment. She loves learning about other cultures and forming personal connections that bypass cultural and geographical boundaries. She participates in research initiatives for the Marshall School of Business and is an active member of the Black Student Assembly. Janaiya loves cooking, exploring Los Angeles, yoga, hanging out with friends, watching movies, and listening to music in her free time. With prior experience working with international students, she is well-versed in communicating with non-native English speakers and is always excited to help them improve their skills. From gaining insight into American culture to improving in the oral and written conversational, academic and professional fields, she looks forward to creating an immersive English experience that helps you become more comfortable and proficient in the language in a supportive and non-judgmental setting!        

Leah (Currently not accepting more students)

Leah King is an Occupational Therapy graduate student at USC. She has been a conversational partner since 2017 and loves meeting and talking to international students about their cultures as well as sharing her own. Leah was a double major in Cognitive Science and East Asian Area Studies and has studied and worked all over including Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Japan, and Israel. Some hobbies she engages in are hiking, trying new foods, participating in USC’s OT Global Initiatives, traveling to national parks, and training for a triathlon. She is excited to meet you all!

Lianne (Currently not accepting more students)

Lianne is a senior majoring in Business Administration and minoring in Applied Analytics. She is from the Bay Area and loves exploring good food places and cafes all the way from NorCal to SoCal. She is the past President of the Asian American Tutorial Project, a volunteer organization on campus that focuses its efforts on giving back to the LA Chinatown community and beyond, and has also served as a bilingual teaching assistant in China. Lianne can speak Cantonese and Mandarin, and enjoys meeting people from all different backgrounds and cultures as it always brings upon new stories and adventures! She looks forward to chatting with and getting to know everyone!


Makesha is a first-year undergraduate student studying business administration in the World Bachelor in Business program. Raised in the Pacific Northwest, she has a love for the mountains and activities such as hiking and kayaking. When she’s not out in nature, Makesha enjoys learning about music production in USC’s songwriters’ forum, the French language, and trying out new recipes. As her undergraduate program teaches skills for international business and connections, she is looking forward to being a part of your language journey. Plus, if your native language is Spanish, Makesha is also a native speaker!  She is happy to create a learning plan that includes Spanish if you believe it beneficial to your learning. Overall, she hopes to help students improve their English skills and understanding of American culture through topics necessary for their academics, but more importantly, through the interests the students value. She also hopes to help find which learning style best fits them – whether that be digital notes on Quizlet, mnemonic devices, weekly quizzes, or a combination of styles. So, whether you only need conversation partner for less than a semester or the whole year, Makesha is excited to learn more about you and help you reach your goals! (She is also more than happy to share photos of her corgi Benji).


Matthew is a current freshman studying psychology at the Dana and David Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences. He was born and raised in Los Angeles, California so he is very familiar with the area. In his free time, he works as a Community Facilitator, goes swimming, and watches Netflix or sports. Matthew has teaching experience tutoring middle school students privately and as a teacher assistant in a summer enrichment program for elementary students. He loves to eat good food and try new activities throughout the city. Matthew is excited to you help improve your conversational skills! 


Nikhita is a sophomore studying Pharmacology & Drug Development and Cinematic Arts. Originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan, Nikhita speaks English, Hindi, Kannada, Spanish, Korean, and a bit of American Sign Language. From a young age, Nikhita has always been fond of traveling and experiencing new cultures. She’s been abroad a number of times and has visited almost every state in the U.S. Nikhita loves meeting and connecting with people from different backgrounds and finding similar cross-cultural shared experiences. At USC, Nikhita works as a student research assistant at the Institute for Addiction Science and is a fellow at the Korean Studies Institute. She is a member of Film and Television Writers of USC as well as The Women’s Network. In her free time, she loves trying new foods, dancing, watching films, painting, or playing the violin–anything creative. Nikhita looks forward to meeting you and catering to whatever you hope to develop your skills in, whether it is conversation, writing, interviewing, or if you’re simply looking for a friend! 


Olivia is a Junior student at the Dornsife College of Letter, Arts, and Sciences, double-majoring in Cognitive Science and Spanish. Olivia plans to get her masters in neuroimaging after graduation and go into migraine and concussion research. Olivia is also passionate about animals, especially elephants, and enjoys spending her time volunteering at local animal shelters and clinics. Olivia enjoys working out, hiking, skiing, going to the beach, and trying out new restaurants in LA. Olivia is easy to get to know and loves bringing energy into any conversation. She wants to help make USC and Los Angeles feel at home by helping show students places to eat, study, and relax. Olivia is glad to help with any skills you would like to work on or develop, and looks forward to being a familiar face around USC.  


Rachel is a rising senior studying Film and television Production. In her free time, she enjoys public speaking, volunteering, and filmmaking, and is particularly interested in documentary filmmaking. She was born and raised in Southern California, but enjoys traveling and has been all over North America and Europe. She spent her first semester of college in Paris and has been studying French for a number of years. She looks forward to getting to know students and is eager to help them with essays, presentations, conversation, or whatever they would like.


Richard is a senior in Neuroscience and minoring in Health Care Studies. Growing up in France and arriving to the United States in his early teen years, he understands very well the hardships of immersing yourself in a new culture with a new language and new customs. He interacted with multiple immigrant communities both in the US and in France and developed efficient methods of discovering new cultures comprehensively. In his free time, he enjoys playing the piano, working out, learning new languages, and reading books. He is eager to meet you and share his experiences!


Sadie is a junior majoring in Political Science with minors in East Asian Languages & Cultures (Chinese) and Computer Programming. She was born in Zhanjiang, China and grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Sadie has been studying Chinese since middle school, working to become fully fluent. She loves meeting new people, spending time in nature, and talking about travel. One of her favorite places she has traveled to is Hangzhou, China. At USC, Sadie is involved with AATP and badminton and loves exploring LA’s food and nature scene. She is excited to meet you all and eager to help you with conversation, writing, or any other language skills! 


Starr is a Computer Science (Games) major and enjoys video games, sports, music, and community service. Her experience in teaching includes mentorship of international students in high school, tutoring children in math and English, and creating an educational computer game that helps with reading comprehension. She looks forward to being your conversation partner!


Tanishka is a Neuroscience major on the premed track. She is an international student from Mumbai, India and is bilingual (speaks Hindi and English) with elementary proficiency in Spanish. Having travelled to a plethora of places, she has interacted with people belonging to different cultures first hand. She even has her own podcast titled ‘The DocTalk’ where she interviews medical professionals from all over the world. Tanishka has also been a tele-consultant for the Indian government during the COVID-19 pandemic and has tutored high school students globally. Warm and outgoing, her goal is to support the international community by engaging with international students acclimating to an English speaking environment. 

Tiffany H. (Currently not accepting more students until Spring 2022)

Tiffany is a senior studying Health and Human Sciences with a minor in Economics on the pre-physical therapy track. She is originally from San Jose, California, but has lived overseas in Shanghai and Taiwan. Additionally, she speaks Mandarin and conversational Spanish. On campus, she is a member of Science Outreach and a research assistant at the USC Brain and Creativity Institute. Tiffany loves traveling, going to the movies, trying new foods, and spending time with friends. Feel free to reach out to Tiffany if you need any help, whether for interview preparations, presentations, or just simple conversations! She looks forward to hearing from you! Fight on! 

Tiffany M.

Tiffany is a Master’s Student from New York City studying Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine. Her Bachelor’s degree is from USC in Human Biology on the Applied Physiology track with a Minor in Health Care Studies. She hopes to pursue a MD-PhD in the near future. She has conducted molecular biology, stem cell biology, and cancer biology research at UPC, HSC, and CHLA. On campus, she participated in many student organizations such as GlobeMed at USC and the Marching Band where she played flute. In her free time, she likes baking, exploring LA, trying new food, and hanging out with friends. She has teaching experience through the Joint Educational Program at USC.  Feel free to reach out to Tiffany if you need any help with conversation skills, interview preparation, coursework, or anything else. Tiffany is excited to meet and help you! Fight On!