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Aidan (not available until Fall 2019)

Aidan is a sophomore studying East Asian Languages and Culture. He was born in the nondescript city of Wilmington, Delaware (near Philadelphia), and has spent time in Amsterdam where he lived for three years and travelled across much of Western Europe. Having never been to the West Coast before attending USC, he is enjoying life in Southern California, and is always looking for new activities and places to go in LA. He likes to throw a football around with friends at the beach and go to the Lyon Center Gym to exercise. He loves to watch sports, and is a big fan of FC Barcelona, the New Orleans Saints, and San Antonio Spurs. Having studied both Spanish in high school and Mandarin for last couple years, he is aware of the various difficulties that can come with learning a new language. He himself is travelling to China for the first time this summer in order to improve his Mandarin skills. He is excited to help others on their journey towards fluency and hopes that he can offer the same help now that he will (hopefully) receive in the future!

Anya (not available until Fall 2019)

Anya is a freshman from San Ramon, California, majoring in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention and minoring in Spanish. She was born in the Bay Area but lived in Bangalore, India for three years before moving back to California. Anya loves talking to people and learning about different languages and cultures. She has taught English in Nicaragua, and she tutored ESL (English as a second language) classes when she was in high school. Anya loves to swim, read, watch movies, and eat. She is always looking for the next restaurant, and she would love to go with you! Anya also loves music and dancing, and she is especially interested in cultural dance. Even though she hopes to be a doctor, Anya’s dream jobs would be editing pieces of writing and talking to people, so she is very excited to help in any way she can!


Brianneth is a freshman majoring in Health and Human Sciences at the Dornsife College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences. She was part of the USC Summer Bridge Program, so she is familiar with the campus’ hidden gems. She was born and raised in the spectacular city of Los Angeles. She cannot imagine growing up anywhere else. She thinks the best thing about LA is the weather. During her free time, she enjoys taking road trips, watching movies, taking hikes, playing  sports, along with other things. She is an honest and open-minded individual who looks forward to new adventures. She enjoys embracing all the wonderful aspects of her Mexican culture and is fluent in the Spanish language. She is glad to have met so many wonderful people at USC and is thrilled to help other students make their transitions enjoyable experiences.

Caroline (available to meet online)

Caroline is a Vietnamese-American Junior studying Business Administration. She is originally from Irvine, California, and has lived in San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and will be working in New York City this summer. She speaks Vietnamese, and hopes to learn more languages when she does a rotation abroad in Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, London, Paris, or Copenhagen. Having parents who emigrated from Vietnam with just $20 in their pockets and no understanding of English, she understands how difficult it is adjusting to a new location and culture. She has a heart for helping others and is eager to assist you in any way she can. 


Cheryl is a junior transfer student studying Political Economy with a minor in Forensics and Criminality. She is a Mexican American from Oxnard, California, in addition to being fluent in English and Spanish she loves to learn new languages and experience different cultures. Cheryl enjoys baking, spending time with her dogs, and meeting new people. She understands how difficult the transition from different cultural settings can be and is happy to help answer any questions or concerns that you may have. Cheryl is eager to help improve your conversation skills, English fluency and much more. Feel free to reach out to Cheryl for help in anything and Fight on!

Cody (currently unavailable)

Cody is a second year JD student at USC’s Gould School of Law. He is originally from Orange County, CA, and also completed his undergraduate degree in English and Communication at USC. On campus, Cody has been involved in a number of organizations, from Greek life to the Trojan Marching Band, and in his free time enjoys reading, writing, and exploring LA. As someone who has also studied foreign languages (Japanese & Korean), Cody understands the challenges of learning another language, and as such, has the patience and diligence to help others practice and improve their English skills. Cody also has experience as a writing TA, so whether you are looking for help with conversational skills, essay edits, interview preparation, or just a friend to talk with, he looks forward to helping you and getting to know you!

David (not available until Fall 2019)

David is an undecided freshman in the Dornsife School of Arts and Sciences. He was born in Connecticut, but has traveled to France, England, the Caribbean, and Fiji. In his free time, David likes to act, explore, and do escape rooms. He has had experience teaching English in the past in the Bahamas, and he’s excited to meet and get to know you!

Derek (not available until Fall 2019)

Hailing from the Big Island of Hawaii, Derek is an undergraduate junior studying Computer Science.  He has some background in Japanese and participated in a student exchange with Kumejima High School in Okinawa.  As someone who experienced learning a second language through immersion, he hopes to help others get acclimated to student life at USC through conversation.  In his free time, Derek likes to play tennis, travel, try new foods and search for new music.  He is also the Artistic Director of the campus Taiko drumming group and participates in both Chinese American Student Association and Nikkei Student Union events.  Feel free to reach out to Derek for anything from practicing presentations or interview skills to chatting about music or film or campus life.

Dhivya (available to meet online)

Dhivya is a sophomore studying Computer Science with a minor in Computational Bio. She used to be in Biomedical Engineering, which always has been and always will be her first love, so she’s excited to put the two together and see what cutting edge technology can do for medicine and healthcare. She grew up in south India before she moved to Colorado in elementary school – in addition to English and high school Spanish, she speaks Tamil and wants to learn French. She loves to read, dance, practice taekwondo, and sing off-key even when she technically has three assignments due tomorrow. But most of all, she loves to learn something new – whether it’s about quantum theory, ancient military tactics, or sound production, a fun fact or ten about anything always fascinates her. She has experience tutoring for TOEFL prep, editing essays and practicing conversations. She can also help with public speaking, interview preparation, and other conversational things adults apparently have to do. Being an immigrant herself and watching others’ experiences, she knows where the journey might be rough, and how to smooth the way. She firmly believes that she has something to learn from everyone she meets; she can’t wait to hear about the things you love, hate, and everything in between! 

Ellen (not available until Fall 2019)

Ellen is a freshman studying Design at the Roski School of Art and Design. She was born andraised in Southern California, but has traveled to Japan, the UK, and Italy. In her free time, sheenjoys reading, drawing, listening to new music, and going on food adventures! She is bilingualin both English and Japanese. Growing up as second generation immigrant, she understands thedifficulty of immersing yourself into a new environment, so she is willing to help anyinternational student who is struggling to have a smooth and valuable experience at USC. In thefuture, she would like to work internationally and act as a bridge between the US and otherinternational communities. She is looking forward to learning about you and helping you in anyway she can!

Gabrielle (not available until Fall 2019)

Gabi is a Pre-Law freshman majoring in Law, History, and Culture in Dornsife with a minor in Culture, Media, and Entertainment from Annenberg. She grew up in Atlanta, Georgia before fulfilling her dream of moving to Los Angeles for college. On the weekends, Gabi loves to go to the beach, visit museums, go shopping, watch movies, hike, read, work out, do yoga, and spend time with friends. Back home, Gabi has one younger sister, who she is very close with and for whom she acts as a role model and mentor. In high school, Gabi worked with many international exchange students through an organization called ICES. She loves traveling, meeting new people, and learning about other cultures, so she cannot wait to get close with new students and to help them in every way she can. The transition as an international student to USC is very difficult, so Gabi will try to make it as enjoyable as possible starting with exchanging conversation. 

Gina (available to meet online)

Gina is a sophomore studying Communication at the USC School of Annenberg.  She attended five schools but mostly grew up in Piedmont, California. Although she only attended a French bilingual school for two years, she has continued to pursue fluency in the language. She loves playing volleyball, watching movies, and thrift shopping. Never having left the country has fueled her love for learning about other cultures and meeting people from different backgrounds. She is excited to help anyone who needs it and to get to know them in the process!


Jamie is a freshman starting her academic career here at the University of Southern California, studying International Relations and Journalism. Although she is originally from a very small town in Wyoming, she has grown up traveling, including a six week trip to South America last summer. Besides her passion of traveling, she also loves music, playing the cello, drawing, painting, reading and meeting new people! Additionally, she has taken five years of Spanish while in high school and is now studying Arabic here at USC. She understands how complex learning a new language can be, as well adjusting to a new culture, as she did a short study abroad program in Chile. Feel free to reach out to Jamie if you need help improving your English skills, proofreading homework or just figuring out American culture!

Jordan (not available until Fall 2019)

Jordan is an undergraduate freshman studying Political Economy and minoring in Arabic. He was born in San Diego, CA and was raised in Orange County. Jordan loves learning about new cultures, interacting with people from every walk of life, and having new experiences. He is a native English speaker and is currently at the second level of Arabic.  As a former student-athlete and participant in various organizations around campus including Undergraduate and Residential Student Governments, Jordan is looking forward to the challenge of helping improve the English language abilities of others. In his free time, Jordan runs long-distance, participates in on-campus clubs, and hikes. Jordan can help with conversation skills, understanding American idioms, editing essays, career and interview preparation, and more!

Katie (not available until Fall 2019)

Katie is a sophomore studying Communication in the Annenberg School at USC.  She is from a small town in New York just outside of New York City and has two younger siblings.  She loves activities like hiking, swimming, and yoga, and is so excited to explore her new home that is Los Angeles! During the summer, Katie works as a sleep away camp counselor; she is a lifeguard and swim instructor for girls ranging in age from 7 to 15.  At USC, Katie is involved in Greek Life, Marshall Entertainment Association, and USC Photography club.  She is so excited to meet her fellow classmates and help them learn through the Conversation Partner Program!

Kyle (not available until Fall 2019)

Kyle is a sophomore transfer student  in the Marshall School of Business, majoring in Business Administration and adding on Accounting in the near future. The son of Singaporean immigrants, Kyle was raised within the San Francisco Bay Area and is looking forward to exploring LA. Kyle has been working with  Chinese international students for the past year at University of California, Santa Barbara, helping them with translations, economics, essay writing, and adjusting to American culture. He himself is currently adapting to a brand new environment at USC and understands the difficulties of settling in and the importance of having a friend to help you through the process. His hobbies include baking, cooking, and story writing; whether you wish to discuss delicious recipes or require assistance with essays and interviews, Kyle is eager to meet you and smooth your transition into USC!

Leah (not available until Fall 2019)

Leah is a junior from Chicago studying Cognitive Science and East Asian Area Studies. She has always had a passion for learning languages and helping others. Leah has traveled to Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, and Japan in the past two years to improve her Chinese speaking skills as well as further her understanding of other cultures. In her free time, Leah loves to eat food, go to the beach, explore LA, dance, and play video games or watch movies with her friends. Whether you need help with an essay, speaking, mock interview, or understanding American culture, Leah is excited to meet and help you! Fight On!

Lily (available to meet online)

Lily is a PDP student (undergraduate senior and first year master’s) studying B.S. Industrial & Systems Engineering (Info Systems) and M.S. Global Supply Chain Management. She is from Honolulu, Hawaii but has lived internationally for 10 years of her life. Lily is involved with various organizations on campus, including Theta Tau, a professional engineering fraternity. She also interns with Southern California Edison (SCE) while attending school as a full time student. She is a huge music (anything from baroque to classical) fan and loves exploring the LA music scene. She is fluent in both Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese, and knows a little bit of French, but is always down to learn more about other cultures. She looks forward to hearing from you!

Natalie (not available until Fall 2019)

Natalie is a freshman majoring in Political Economy and possibly minoring in Cinema and Media Studies. She is born and raised in Hong Kong so she also speaks fluent Cantonese and Mandarin. At USC, she is involved with the online publication US-China Today as well as the Asian Pacific Cinema Association. In her free time, she enjoys watching films and exploring new restaurants. As an international student herself, Natalie understands why it’s sometimes challenging to be away from home and is excited to share her experiences or help others navigate this process! Feel free to reach out to Natalie for anything from presentation preparation to just film recommendations!

Rachel (available to meet online)

Rachel is a sophomore studying Film and Television Production. In her free time, she enjoys public speaking, volunteering, and filmmaking, particularly documentary filmmaking. She was born and raised in Southern California, but enjoys traveling and has been all over North America and Europe. She spent her first semester of college in Paris and has been studying French for a number of years. She looks forward to getting to know students and is eager to help them with essays, presentations, conversation, or whatever they would like.


Richard is an undergraduate freshman majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Health Care Studies. Growing up in France and arriving to the United States in his early teen years, he understands very well the hardships of immersing yourself in a new culture with a new language and new customs. He interacted with multiple immigrant communities both in the US and in France and developed efficient methods of discovering new cultures comprehensively. In his free time, he enjoys playing the piano, working out, learning new languages, and reading books. He is eager to meet you and share his experiences!

Samantha (not available until Fall 2019)

Sam is an undergrad business student at Marshall School of Business. While raised in a small town in New Jersey, she loves to explore diverse cultures through travel and unique eats (particularly, desserts). Since flying 3,000 miles across the country, Sam has continued her passions for consulting, interacting with students across cultures, and helping others! Sam is greatly involved in the Marshall community (AIM Marketing Consulting, Marshall Business Network) and is eager to help edit and strengthen papers or resumes. As an enthusiastic American pop culture follower, she can discuss all the latest trends and hot topics! Driven by the hope to find common threads between all people, she appreciates engaging and listening in conversations on all matters. From academic, cultural, entertainment, to food-centric themes, Sam is happy to serve as a partner and friend!

Sarah S.

Sarah is a sophomore majoring in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing. She was born in the Los Angeles area and has lived there much of her life. In addition to English, she has some background in Mandarin Chinese, French, and basic German. In her free time, she likes reading, listening to music, photography, and cooking. Sarah went to Beijing last summer and experienced having one-on-one conversations with other local students learning English. She hopes to continue improving her Chinese and French and is interested in teaching English as a foreign language someday. Feel free to reach out to Sarah if you need any help with your English language skills.

Sarah T. (available to meet online)

Sarah is an junior from the San Gabriel Valley studying GeoDesign. In her free time, she enjoys reading, exploring L.A., trying new foods, and of course, meeting new people. She can speak conversational Cantonese, and is currently learning Mandarin. Even though her Chinese is limited, that doesn’t stop her from striking up a conversation with other international students. She is always happy to learn about other cultures and can’t wait to meet you!


Stella is a sophomore undergrad at USC studying Marketing and Communications Design in hopes of eventually starting a business or designing for a business. She has grown up in Cambridge, MA for her whole life until coming to LA for school. Her family moved to America just before starting a family so she has experienced a Chinese upbringing at home while living in American culture. She understands the cultural differences and how important it is to integrate but to also stay true to your roots. Stella loves movies, music, going to concerts, trying new things, and good conversations! She would love to help with any problems regarding relationships, life advice, and even simple questions about English. She is excited to meet you and help out in anyway she can!


Originally from Hawaii, Sydney is a senior majoring in Quantitative Biology, with a minor in East Asian Languages and Cultures (concentration in Japanese). In addition to working for the ALI uSC/ITA program, she has participated in exchange programs in Japan and the UK, and has traveled around Europe during a semester spent studying abroad. She enjoys traveling, shopping, photography, writing letters to friends and relatives in Japan, and doing research in a computational/structural biology lab. Having met with her own conversation partners from Japan to facilitate her Japanese studies, she understands what it is like to be on both sides of the partnership and is eager to help students as much as she can with both conversation and proofreading. 


Tomoki is an international student from Japan studying design at USC. He was born and raised in Tokyo but went to high school in the United States (Maine, Vermont, and Utah).  For the first two years of college, he studied at the University of Vermont but transferred to USC in the Fall of 2018 because he hated the cold. You will definitely get along with Tomoki if you enjoy any of the following: the ocean, food adventures, travel (not the Cancun spring break type though, he doesn’t like those). Even if none of those seem appealing to you, Tomoki spreads himself thin when it comes to his interests so you’ll definitely find something in common with him!  For example, some of his other random hobbies include salsa dancing, finding cheap deals on Craigslist, and driving around LA when the traffic isn’t horrible. Over the past decade, Tomoki has not lived in the same place for more than two years at a time.  He understands the difficulties of adjusting to a new environment because he’s moved multiple times and has become a natural at adapting.  If you’re having difficulties with adjusting to life at USC, he’s definitely the person to talk to. Tomoki is a very curious person who loves to learn about the different perspectives that people have and the various approaches that they take to live their lives.  He looks forward to having exciting, engaging conversations and hopes that you will learn as much from him as he will from you!