Attendance Policy

Attendance for ALI classes is mandatory. Students are expected to attend all sessions of their ALI classes. Students who are absent for more than twice the number of hours that a class meets in one week* (maximum absence limit), will normally receive a grade of “No Credit”. For example, if a class meets three hours per week, a student who has more than 6 hours of total absences during the semester would receive a grade of “No Credit”.

Students who arrive 15 minutes or later after the beginning of a class may be marked as absent for the first hour.

Students who go over the maximum absence limit may appeal their case to the Student Advisor. Such students should be prepared to show evidence of a legitimate excuse for every missed class (court documents, doctor’s notes, etc.). Legitimate excuses include: medical emergencies, personal emergencies, family emergencies, and required courtroom appearances.

Although students may receive “No Credit” for a course due to absences, they may still be released from their ALI class at the end of the semester if they have been able to demonstrate that they can fulfill the objectives of the course. Any student who receives a grade of “No Credit” in two ALI courses will not be permitted to enroll in ALI classes in the future and will not be able to satisfy their English requirement. Failure to satisfy the English requirement may result in termination from USC and/or loss of TA funding.

*Summer sessions have different maximum numbers of absences allowed. Please see the course syllabus for more information.