Other Resources

Students can get the most out of their time here at USC by engaging in the expansive array of resources available on campus. International students are encouraged to utilize the American Language Institute’s resources, as well as other resources at USC. The following are a few options on where to get started.

Office of International Services

The Office of International Services (OIS) supports international students and scholars as they strive to achieve their educational, professional, and personal objectives. OIS is a resource center that provides advising, information, and opportunities for involvement to help members of the USC international community make the most of their USC experience. Recognizing the many benefits of international educational exchange, OIS advocates for these benefits on campus, locally and nationally.

Counseling and Mental Health Services

USC’s Student Health Services offer virtual appointments to international students with Ayoung (Alice) Phang, Ph.D., the designated mental health counselor for the Office of International Students. For more information, please visit the Student Health website. To book an appointment, log into MySHR and select “OIS Embedded” appointments under Counseling and Mental Health.

Campus Support & Intervention

CSI works with all student populations at USC to provide support, guidance, and resources to assist with any challenges that may arise in their time as a student. They can serve as a great place to start if a student is dealing with a complex issue and is unsure which campus resources may be most appropriate. They offer consultation on a wide variety of concerns. Check their website for examples of the most common concerns students face, including explanations of related university processes and relevant resources to assist with those concerns.

Kortschak Center for Learning and Creativity

The mission of the Kortschak Center for Learning and Creativity (KCLC) is to apply and engage in research and training to serve individuals with diverse learning needs and to empower students to reach their full academic and creative potential. KCLC offers outreach, programming, and individual coaching services to USC undergraduates and departments to promote a campus-wide understanding of learning differences and their potential to facilitate creativity and academic excellence.

USC Philologos

The Philologos Society is an academic society which seeks to gather a global community that loves the wisdom that emerges from inter-disciplinary discussions and debate. Philologos’ mission aligns with its etymology: its name originates from the Ancient Greek words phílos(love), and lógos (word, argument). At Philologos, one can practice their argumentative skills and improve their general knowledge through the organization’s debates, guest lectures, by writing columns, synthesizing academic articles, making videos for their educational YouTube channel, and delivering presentations. Humanitarians can put their love of words into practice by participating in Philologos’ school visit and retirement home visit programs. Through its various programs, this intellectual society covers a wealth of topics ranging from philosophy to economics to STEM, to cite just a few.


EngageSC is an online platform that allows students to browse the vast number of USC clubs and organizations in which they can get involved.

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Interstride is an interactive career platform is for international students and alumni to help enhance their career exploration and job-search experience. The platform offers opportunities with organizations that sponsor employment visas, a place to connect and network, share resources, and ask questions, as well as up-to-date information on the immigration landscape. To create your account, select “USC” as your school in your profile.