Adjusting to Campus Life

By Alexis Peters

As a transfer student and a spring admit, I understand what it’s like to feel out of place at USC. You can feel a bit like a fish out of water, unsure about SC life and the opportunities available to you. Many  students are from the LA area, or elsewhere in California, but some of us have homes that are thousands of miles away. I’m originally from Chicago, so I may not understand homesickness on an international scale, but I still miss home a lot. So here’s what you can do to combat homesickness and adjust to campus.

  1. Stay busy.

Besides just studying all the time and going to classes, you have to make time to do something fun that doesn’t involve sitting in your room watching HBO. Go to fun events and see what’s happening on campus. There’s almost always something to do, no matter what day it is. So keep an eye out and go ahead and have fun. You may even make a new friend! I went to Spoiler Alert’s comedy show at Tommy’s Place. Spoiler Alert is one of USC’s improv comedy groups and they perform a hilarious set!

2. Join clubs!

When I first got to USC, I knew exactly what kinds of clubs I wanted to join. Going in with a couple of student organizations that interest you in mind will be helpful so you don’t get too overwhelmed at the Involvement Fair. I usually pick 3: one that is an activity that I know I like and have done before; one that I have always wanted to try, but never got around to starting it; and one that never even crossed my mind, but hey, it might be fun! For me, this was theater, Science Outreach, and boxing!

3. Know the resources available to you.

Make sure you visit places like the student union for access to student resources on campus. Check out the career center to prepare for the future, and head over to the Kortschack Center where they have advisors ready to help you develop a daily schedule and give you study tips and other tools you need to succeed as a USC student!

Best of luck during the semester, and fight on!

Featured image by Kansas Sebastian on Flickr

Alexis is a USC student majoring in Narrative Studies.  Alexis loves the beach and at times misses Chicago, but is happy to now live in LA next to the ocean instead of a lake!  As a learner of Spanish and German herself, she understands the many challenges that come with speaking a foreign language.  Alexis has a passion for experiencing and sharing different cultures, and dreams of one day traveling the world.  She a leo loves reading, writing, swimming, and looking at cute pictures of dogs.