USC Life Hacks

By Kamille Robertson

Have you ever wandered around USC and thought “I wish there was an easy way to get around campus without walking or biking” or “I need to print something out but don’t know where” or “I NEED COFFEE but do not have time to stand in line”? Well, here are some USC life hacks that will make your life here a little bit easier.

1. Life: “I wish there was an easy way to get to my house and back to campus without walking or biking.”

Photo by Ant Rozetsky on Unsplash

Hack: If you live near campus, USC offers a shuttle that runs every 30 minutes. Just wait at a designated bus stop and a USC bus will pick you up and take you to the stop closest to your destination. The A route runs during the school year but the C route runs all year long. Check the link below to find their stops!

If you have a bike, let the driver know and he/she will help you hook it onto the front the bus. If you ever wonder exactly when the bus will be arriving, follow their app; it’ll give you approximate arrival times. If the shuttle is a couple minutes late, DON’T PANIC. The drivers are doing the best they can to get to you on time. Also, it is courteous to greet and thank your bus driver for their service. A simple “Hello” while boarding the bus and/or “Thank You” while getting off the bus is a good practice.

2. Life: “I can’t walk because I got hurt” or “I’m too sick to make it to the health center”.

Hack: Call the health center and let them know your problem. If you live near campus, they can send out a DPS officer to bring you to the health center. You can call DPS (213-720-6000) directly too but it might be better for the health center to do it, so they can inform the office of your condition.

3. Life: “I wish there was someone I could talk to…” or “School is too much; I don’t think I can handle it anymore…”

Hack: Sometimes life at USC or life in general can be overwhelming. It is okay to say you need help. Whether it is a one-on-one discussion with a professional therapist or relaxation strategies to help you through your day, the USC Health Center offers services to help you feel better. The professionals in the counseling office are there to help you cope with whatever you might be going through. They are knowledgeable and always understanding. There is also group counseling for individuals who feel more comfortable in a group setting. These sessions also give you the opportunity to listen to and help others who are going through similar situations. Do not ever be afraid to ask for help. Here at USC, we are a family; we care for and help one another. If you need after hours counseling, call this number: (213) 740-7711. No matter the time, there will always be someone available to talk to you.

4. Life: “Where can I print out my paper before class?”

Hack: Stop. Breathe. Think about where you are. Okay. Here are a list of printer locations:
• CAL 206, Grand Avenue Library
• DML 119, Stacks 5
• DML G4, Cinema-Television Library
• DML G24, Music Library
• DML B1, Stack Level 1 – Periodicals
• DML 110, East Asian Reference/Computer Commons
• GER 116B, Gerontology Library
• LVL 202, Upper Information Commons
• LVL 103, Copy Room
• LVL B4, Lower Information Commons
• MHP 203, Philosophy Library
• MRF 104, Social Work Information Center (social work students only)
• SSL 200, Science & Engineering Library
• SSL 100, Science & Engineering Library
• VKC B40, VKC Library
• WAH B4N, Architecture & Fine Arts Library

5. Life: “I NEED COFFEE NOW!” or “FOOOOD!!”

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Flickr

Hack: First of all, try to avoid the Starbucks by Leavey Library, especially when you’re in a hurry. It gets crazy busy and it’s a popular place for the middle and high schoolers who visit campus. For a quick coffee or snack, try Literatea behind Doheny Library. The staff there are speedy and super sweet (like their tea. Mmm). If you must have Starbucks though (or any of the campus center dining choices), definitely download Tapingo. With this app, you can place an order and in no more than 20 minutes, you will get a text that says your food is ready. At that point, you can walk right up to the counter of Starbucks (Panda Express or The Habit, etc), grab your food, and go! You might get a mean look from some of the people waiting in line but, hey! you’re a savvy consumer with places to go and no time to waste. This is especially handy when it’s 12pm, you’re starving, and the campus center is overflowing with the middle and high schoolers mentioned above.

That’s all the life hacks for now but keep your eyes open for more quick tips and fun tricks. We’ll post more shortly!

Featured image from Wikimedia Commons

Kamille Robertson is senior studying theatre at the School of Dramatic Arts. She was born in California but raised in the deep south of Texas. Kamille hopes to land a career somewhere in the world of entertainment, as an actor, writer, costume designer… She is casting a wide net and hoping to find her niche. She has had a variety of experiences from working at Walt Disney World to working as a server at a little surf restaurant on South Padre Island to being a flower girl at the USC Flowershop. Kamille loves to read books, study French and women studies, and of course, watch screen and live performances. She hopes to one day write a book about her experiences, but not for a very long time, she has a lot of life to live.